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One Tree Hill Podcast: "This Is My House, This Is My Home"

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One Tree Hill gave us a lovely, elegiac series finale... and then ruined it by telling us they were coming back next year. Darcel and I don't get it. Everyone's finally happy. Why do you want to screw that up? What more do you have to say? How many more times can you make Brooke cry, or have Jamie teach us a valuable lesson? Will you unload a whole psych ward full of stalkers to give the final season that little bit of extra frisson? Why have the show come full circle so beautifully if you're just going to make it spin out of control again? What gives?

As you might have guessed, we're grumpy about the show's renewal. But are we right? Listen and find out!

Listen to our One Tree Hill podcast for "This Is My House, This Is My home" and tell us what you think in the comments!

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Jude is what John Lennon called his son Julian, so that is where it comes from. I loved how they finished it, it was made as if it was the last one ever so I am guessing that the writers must have thought so too? I wish it would just end. I wanted it to end when Lucas and Peyton left, but it went on, and while at times was enjoyable the new characters just annoyed me with their vague storylines. Was glad to see Dan again. I honestly don't know if I could watch more episodes.

ok! I really think they need to STOP!! seriously! it could have been such a fanstastic series finally, but they screwed that up by returning for the 9th season:/ am I wrong or there have been rumors before that OTH was returning for the final 13 episodes with season 8?? i keep my fingers crossed for history NOT repeting itself cuz just like Darcell said I'm not sure I can bring myself to watch them any more...
fantastic podcast! but girls! can you tell me: is there any chance for you to podcast previous seasons over the summer??pleeeeeeeeeaseeeeeeeee:)
and another question - I know I have such an odd timing but recently I've listened some of your old podcast and it kept me thinking:what happened to Mia?:) can you tell her I miss listening to the podcasts with her? but stil love listening to you so keep recording over the summer!

I do agree. It would have been a great Series Finale, and I believe that Mark Schwan made it with that intention.

The ending was perfect, and brought things full circle , similarly to how the OC did.

The ONLY reason I could see a "Final Season" Justified, and the only way I see them topping that ending, is if they bring Peyton and Lucas back(Which is being rumored to be VERY likely).

I just wanna say one thing.

Jude is short for Julian? who the hell made that up.

i don't wanna kill you guys more like bury you alive. lol just kidding

If/when OTH end after this season. they should just make a spin off with Jamie or with Davis and Jude.

Or like Darcel said. Dan and Victoria doing the hanky panky and making a devil child. lol

great podcast as always

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