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One Tree Hill: Happily ever after...until next season

The end-of-season calm before next season's storm

One Tree Hill ends the season on a high note, with everyone happy and content. In fact, they're so happy and content that we're kind of sorry the show got picked up for another 13 episodes. We can only imagine the show will put everyone through the wringer again, and honestly? We're not sure we can take it.

Nathan, Haley and Jamie
The cafe is open, Lydia is flourishing, Haley sings, Nathan does an adorable little "Ma Na Ma Na" lip-sync with the baby... They're happy. They're in love. Life is good. And we're thrilled for them -- they deserve it -- but "happy" and "life is good" can't sustain a series, you know? So something will have to go horribly wrong for these two next season, or what's the point of them being there?

Jamie does have a bit of a challenge when he succumbs to peer pressure and takes off the "girly" shoelace that he shares with Madison. She's hurt, she breaks up with him (you know, as much as 8-year-olds can date), he sulks, he eventually apologizes and tells her he likes her, and then they're back together again. Again, that's not going to cut it for 13 episodes next year, so we shudder to think what's in store for the kid.

Read on for more season-finale thoughts.

Brooke and Julian
Life is good for Brulian, too -- Julian's movie gets rave reviews, and Brooke's pregnancy (they're having twins!) is going well. You know that can't last...

Nope. At the cafe, Brooke decides to climb up on a none-too-secure step-stool to get a heavy bag of potatoes or something down from a high shelf, and she falls. One: Basic space planning dictates that heavy stuff goes down low. Two: Don't let the pregnant lady climb on the rickety stool! Three: So help us God, show, if this turns tragic for Brooke again we will fly down to North Carolina and hurt you, do you understand? STOP. MESSING. WITH. BROOKE. We know Sophia Bush cries pretty, but seriously, give the girl a break!

Brooke gets rushed to the hospital, and the twins are born prematurely. Fortunately, after a time jump, they seem to be thriving. THEY BETTER BE FINE, SHOW. GOT IT? (Also, the twins are named Davis and Jude. What, no Lucas?)

Mouth and Millie
"Mouth and Millie in the Morning" is a hit -- although it helps that they just happen to be good friends with musicians and movie stars and famous designers and such. In fact, the show does so well that the network wants to move Millie to Charlotte so she can prop up some fading morning show host there. Mouth urges her to go, saying she'll regret the missed opportunity, but she decides that being with Mouth is better than being in a bigger market.

Chase and Alex and Mia
Before Chase leaves for the Air Force, Alex promises to write him every week, and they pledge to meet up at the airfield one year from that day. At first, the letters come regularly, but eventually, they peter out, and Chase starts seeing Alex on the cover of supermarket tabloid canoodling with random guys. Le sigh. Mia just happens to play a USO concert at his base, and she sort of sympathizes. We think. We're not really sure what the deal with that scene was.

When the day comes, Chase thinks Alex is standing him up, but she appears. They re-pledge their love. As we're reasonably sure that one can't enlist for the Air Force one year at a time, we're not entirely sure how things are going to get any better for them. Tragically, no one pays attention when we yell things like that at the TV.

Clay and Quinn
Clay and Nathan go scouting for agency prospects, which means they're away from their loved ones for a while. Quinn uses that interval to get a new barcalounger for Clay. Clay realizes that when a woman is willing to invest in ugly furniture for her man, it must be love. They get schmoopy with each other. Assuming no more psychotic stalkers come between them, we're guessing they'll end up married at some point in season 9.

Also, Nate and Clay find a prospect who practices even longer and harder than Nathan did when he was that age. That speaks to the guy's dedication, but seriously, practicing basketball until 3 a.m.? Kid, you need to get some sleep!

The return of Dan
After struggling with his feelings, Nate decides to visit Dan and introduce him to the family... sort of. He brings a picture of Lydia and Jamie's first game-winning ball. Dan is touched, and depressed, and tragically under-used. Come on, couldn't he have been killing a foreign dignitary or running a prostitution ring or directing a movie that no one will see when Nate stopped by? He's got so much more to give than just that one scene!

The end
We end the episode with the image of Jamie going to the River Court, wearing a Scott's Auto Service hoodie as he dribbles his basketball across the bridge. It's a fantastic closing image -- but, of course, it's not the close. And we're not sure how we feel about that. What about you?


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Haley JAMES- Son: James
Peyton SAWYER- Daughter \: Sawyer
brooke DAVIS- Son: Davis

I am so happy it is coming back for another season. I loved this episode. But the only thing I wanted was for Brooke to have a boy and a girl not two boys, seriously Jude. That name doesn't even fit in with the other OTH baby names. How do they explain that.

Seriously PLEASE bring back petyon and Lucas. And even Karen to surprise her with the cafe than finally I hope it's a ringer and bring Dan back as a HERO not a jerk he deserves that finally. Due the FINALLYS in the FINAL episode.
FINALLY Lucas and Peyton returnto OTH
FINALLY Dan is the hero
FINALLY Brooke has the life she has wanted
FINALLY no ,ore drama for hay lea and Nathan
And last but not least
FINALLY OTH gang is back together on the River Court woot

I love One Tree Hill! Can't wait new season!

I have to admit (mostly because it shocked me) that I started sobbing almost instantly when Jamie walked through the doors of the cafe with the hoodie on. And then we saw it was a Keith Scott Body Shop sweatshirt, and he went over the bridge and then colored the image - it was pretty darn fantastic. A nice way to end the series, even if it wasn't the end.

I don't like Brooke having kids. Not that I don't want her to have them, I just don't see how that will be any good to watch for next season.

And the only gripe I really have, besides it being fairly boring as to not stir up any loose ends, was that they kept going skipping all around, forward and back in time through the different characters. Each person was in order, but watching them all jumbled together felt jumbled.

On a side note, I am very happy they are coming back. I don't think there anything worse than watching a show for 8 seasons and not getting a proper series finale. Now if they know that the end is the end, then they can wrap it up correctly - hopefully with a proper mix of tears, jaw-dropping moments, and reunions with characters gone by. And I hope they do come back for the back 13 as is rumored, so they won't be hoping to be picked up for the back 9 and forget their proper sendoff.

I have been a fan for years. My daughter got me hooked. I live in Florida and my daughter in Georgia. We met in Wilmington for a weekend and did the tour. What a wonderful weekend we had. My only complaint with the show is that I hate how the show always breaks around the holidays and then it's months before it reappears and usually on a different day or time...really annoying!!!

Seriously, what's up with naming your baby with your last name. Sawyer, Davis ? Please, you can do better

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